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Purchasing a home is one of the largest financial undertakings anyone will make. The legal side of purchasing a property can be confusing and frustrating especially if you have no experience of the process or terminology. Our Residential Conveyance team has vast experience of handling property purchases, possessing the expertise to ensure you receive an efficient and cost effective service.

How we work

Your conveyancer will provide you with a report once they receive the pre-contract documentation from the seller’s conveyancer. The pre-contract documentation will contain copies of the deeds to the premises, answers to any queries you have posed, and a Fixtures, Fittings and Contents list which will detail all of those items which are to remain at the premises following completion of your purchase.

Searches of the property will be undertaken to ensure that we know as much about the property as possible. Maybe more importantly, a local authority search will be undertaken, to reveal whether or not any planning or building regulation entries have been made against the property, or whether or not any road works are due to take place within 200 yards of your property. All local authority searches are personally undertaken by your conveyancer to ensure you receive your information within 48 hours of the date of request.

Environmental, Coal Authority, and Drainage searches will also be carried to ensure the property is not liable to be damaged or at risk of damage from any undetected issues.

If you intend to use a mortgage to purchase your property we advise steps be taken by you to a make an application for a mortgage is being processed as quickly as possible. If you do apply for a mortgage, once we receive an offer you should be in a position to proceed to the next stage of your property transaction.

Your conveyance will provide you with a Statement of Account stipulating the needs to be paid by you in relation to you property transaction, then all relevant documents (a contract, a mortgage deed and a transfer document) will be prepared and sent to you for signing.

Once the property contracts have been signed by both parties they will be exchanged, a completion date will be confirmed, and your keys should be available around mid-day on the day of completion. Once you have your keys and the formal transaction has been completed your conveyance will pay any outstanding stamp duty to the inland revenue, and register your interest and that of your mortgage lender (if applicable) in the property at the Land Registry. Copies of your title deeds will be sent to you and your mortgage lender (if applicable) and then your file will be closed.

Find out more

The above is a brief outline of the detailed and thorough work we will undertake on your behalf. As with every other legal service proceed by Premier Direct Law, you have the assurance that your file will be handled efficiently and professionally by our specialists.

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