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change of surname is usually evidenced by the execution of a short deed (‘deed poll’) declaring the change. In order to provide proof of the execution of such a deed, the deed may be enrolled in the Central Office of the Supreme Court, although there is little necessity for this and no obvious benefit to be gained from such a course.

Applications for enrolment of deed polls at the Central Office of the Supreme Court are governed by regulations which are made under the Supreme Court Act 1981 Section 133(1). The regulations apply to men and women equally, but special provisions govern an application made by or on behalf of children. Non-compliance with the regulations does not of itself invalidate the deed, it merely means that the deed cannot be enrolled.

An applicant for enrolment of a deed poll at the Central Office of the Supreme Court must be described in the deed as single, married, widowed or divorced. Where the applicant is married, the certificate of marriage must be produced7 and the consent of the applicant’s spouse to the proposed change is usually required.

An applicant for enrolment of a deed poll should be permanently and lawfully resident in the United Kingdom. Where the applicant is resident outside the United Kingdom, a deed will be enrolled only if evidence is produced to show that such residence is not intended to be permanent, and the applicant may be required to produce a certificate from his solicitor as to the nature and probable duration of his residence outside the United Kingdom.

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