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Our family law solicitors in Croydon and Greater London are here to help you.

For better or for worse, family law is applicable at almost every stage of life.

It is about the commencement as well as the ending of relationships, about family life and businesses, about individuals as well as couples.

Practical, proactive and empathetic, our family law solicitors work meticulously with clients in Premier Direct Law and beyond to help them to provide for and protect their families, their businesses, their assets, and their futures.

From civil partnerships and cohabitation issues to prenuptial agreements, separation, and divorce, Premier Direct Law in Manchester advises on the full range of family law and divorce law matters.

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Our team has the necessary knowledge and experience to guide through the divorce process and the best result for you.
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Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation agreements can be useful tools but it is imperative that you seek specialist legal advice before entering one.
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Separation Agreements

Separation agreements can be made for married or unmarried couples who intend to end their relationship but want a document confirming who is to have what when the relationship ends and what each partner is responsible for.
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We can help you to apply for any type of injunction and will help you to understand the best course of action for your situation.
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Change of Name

Our team has the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you through the change of name process.
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We’re here to help answer your questions. Legal matters can be complicated, our experts are on hand to help inform you of every aspect regarding your query. We take great pride in using our expertise for you and look forward to hearing from you.

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