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Premier Direct Law is committed to providing a comprehensive, efficient and effective service of the highest quality to its clients.

Clients are entitled to good standards from lawyers. We are entrusted to help people at important times of their lives. Whether buying a house, providing support and advice at a time of bereavement or acting on a client’s behalf in a court case, lawyers interact with a wide cross-section of society to protect the rights of the vulnerable and support business and economic growth.

We work to embody the expected legal, moral and professional obligations of lawyers to clients, the courts, the public and others in the legal profession.

Our service standards are as follows:

1. Competence

  • Know and apply the relevant law
  • Keep up-to-date
  • Ensure that those to whom work is delegated are properly trained and supervised

In deciding whether or not to agree to work for a client and in carrying out the work, we always consider the nature and complexity of the matter and confirm we have the appropriate level of professional skills to do that work.

2. Diligence to

  • Deliver on commitments
  • Act in the best interests of each client
  • Maintain and review systems of work
  • Maintain prompt and transparent fee arrangements

Our staff will always strive to fulfil commitments made to the client, other solicitors and the court. This includes responding to letters, e-mails and telephone calls within an appropriate or agreed timescale. We only agree to work for a client where the work can be done within a reasonable timescale.

We ensure that we always seek to do our best for clients. This will include identifying client’s objectives in relation to the work to be done, giving clients a clear explanation of the issues involved and the options available to the client, and agreeing with the client the next steps to be taken. In keeping the client informed, our lawyers regularly provide updates on progress.

With the increasing advancement of technology, we will regularly look at ways in which technology can support client service. By way of example, we use high quality client reporting systems, file and data management systems and knowledge management systems.

At the conclusion of the work, or earlier if agreed, our lawyers will ensure that the fees to be charged are promptly notified to the client and that a clear explanation and breakdown is provided. If there is any variation from the fees previously discussed, our lawyers explain the reasons for the variation. Our team responds promptly to any clarification sought from the client.

3. Effective communication

We will always communicate clearly and effectively with our clients. Information provided is comprehensive and, where necessary, confirmed in writing using clear and simple language. We understand that this allows our clients to make informed decisions about the work being carried out or the advice being given.

We communicate that following information to our clients:

  • Details of work to be carried out
  • Costs, including fees
  • Any significant development – in particular, we will inform clients in writing when it becomes known that the cost of work will be significantly more than was estimated
  • Who will carry out the work.

4. Responsiveness

We have developed service standards that will ensure your needs are dealt with promptly and effectively. Your telephone calls and all correspondence from you will be dealt with in a set number of days. We will specify the time limits for responding to your phone calls and correspondence in our initial letter to you.

5. Competence, diligence and appropriate skills

Our staff seek to always maintain and develop the relevant legal knowledge and skill to provide a competent and professional service. This means being thorough and prepared in all our work and we only agree to work for a client when we can do this adequately and completely within a reasonable period of time.

6. Trust and personal integrity

We are committed to act with honesty and integrity at all times.

This commitment applies not just towards clients but to all people that the firm deals with, including the courts, witnesses and other lawyers.

Our lawyers must behave in a way which shows that they have personal integrity and are fit to carry out the duties of a regulated lawyer.

7. Confidentiality

Our lawyers and our support staff will keep our client’s business confidential.

Confidentiality does not apply when a client indicates to their solicitor that they intend to commit a crime.

8. Diversity

It is against our ethos to discriminate because of race, sex, marital status, disability, sexuality, religion and belief or age. This applies to all our professional dealings with clients, employees or other lawyers.