Remortgaging a property can be a frustrating and confusing process, especially if you do not have the right legal team acting on your behalf. Our conveyance team aims to provide you with a fast and efficient remortgage service.

How we work

You will be assigned a personal conveyancer who will compile and organise all of the information you provide. After you submit your mortgage application and your copy of the offer of mortgage is received, your conveyancer will request a redemption statement in relation to your existing mortgage in order to facilitate completion 10 working days after receipt of your mortgage offer.

Once your conveyancer is in a position to proceed they will request that your mortgage lender provides your mortgage in advance.

Your conveyancer will contact you to request that you sign all relevant documentation which will include a mortgage deed and documentation relating to your mortgage transaction. Should you require assistance in signing the documents, you can contact your conveyance for assistance.

Once your conveyancer has received the necessary redemption figures from your existing mortgage lender they will provide you with a Statement of Account delineating the balance which is due to you or from you on completion of your property transaction.

On completion your conveyancer will pay any existing mortgages you may have the property in question and then provide you with a final Statement of Account delineating the balance due to you or from you in relation to monies expended and received in respect or your property transaction.

Following completion of the transaction your conveyance will register your interest and that of your new mortgage lender at the Land Registry.  Thereafter your title deeds will be returned to your mortgage lender and copy will be forwarded onto you.

Find out more

The above is a brief outline of the detailed and thorough work we will undertake on your behalf. As with every other legal service proceed by Premier Direct Law, you have the assurance that your file will be handled efficiently and professionally by our specialists.

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