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The legal side of selling a property can be confusing and frustrating especially if you have no experience of the process or terminology. Our Residential Conveyancing team has vast experience of handling property sales, possessing the expertise to ensure you receive an efficient and cost effective service.

How we work

Upon confirmation of your instruction our conveyance team will send you a client care letter accompanied by a questionnaire asking for your name, contact details, details of any planning permissions, building regulation consents or guarantees related with the premises and the account number of your mortgage lender (if you have one) so that your title deeds may be obtained immediately. Your letter will also be accompanied by fixtures fittings and contents inventory list which you will be required to complete to outline which items you have agreed to leave at the property with the buyer.

Once the required information is compiled, your conveyancer will get to work to put you in a position to sell your property as soon as possible. A Sellers Pack will be prepared on your behalf. The preparation of a Sellers Pack may reduce your transaction time by as much as three weeks, once a buyer has been found. For these reasons it is imperative that once you instruct us, that you provide the required information.

Once the negotiation for the sale of your property has been successfully completed a Memorandum of Sale will be prepared and copies of your title deeds will be requested from the Land Registry. Following this we should be in a position to provide any relevant documents to the purchaser’s conveyance.

Once the purchaser confirms they are in a position to proceed your conveyancer will ready all of the relevant documents for you to sign. Once your contracts have been signed the purchaser’s conveyancer will be contacted to confirm they are ready to begin the completion process.

Once the contracts are successfully exchanged our team will get to work on obtaining the redemption figures for any mortgages on the premises and preparing a Statement of Account.

Keys to the property will be deposited with your estate agent and will not be released until your conveyance notifies the estate agent after the full purchase price for your property has been received. Upon receipt of the full purchase price your conveyance will also send the title deeds to the purchaser, repay any mortgages on the property and pay the estate agent fees on your behalf.

If necessary, work will continue to roughly two weeks post completion while your conveyance awaits discharge of relevant documentation from your mortgage lender. Once the documentation is received they will be forwarded to the purchaser and your file may be closed.

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The above is a brief outline of the detailed and thorough work we will undertake on your behalf. As with every other legal service proceed by Premier Direct Law, you have the assurance that your file will be handled efficiently and professionally by our specialists.

Our conveyance service is based on a No Sale No Fee principle. Meaning that if for whatever reason you do not proceed with the sale of you property, no legal service charges will be incurred by you.

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