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Separation Agreements FAQ’s

Separation agreements can be made for married or unmarried couples who intend to end their relationship but want a document confirming who is to have what when the relationship ends and what each partner is responsible for. Separation agreements can give clarity to the process of ending a relationship and can help to avoid court proceedings for married couples who wish to get a divorce.
A family solicitor can help with the negotiations during a separation and will be able to draft all relevant documents for you.
A separation agreement is not a court order; however, the court will take the agreement into account in the event of any dispute. As long as the agreement was made under no duress and both parties gave full disclosure with regards to their finances, the agreement will be upheld.

What is involved in a separation agreement?

If you decide that a separation agreement is the best course of action for you, you will need to disclose the following:

  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Details of how monies and property will be divided
  • The responsibility for any payments and bills
  • Arrangements for any children involved
  • Full financial disclosure for both parties in respect of their income, assets and pension
  • Once in receipt of this information, your separation agreement can be drafted for Negotiations and finalisation

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