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Transfer of equity is the common title to describe a change of ownership of a property in which at least one of the original owners remains on the legal title after the transfer.

There can be as many parties involved in a transfer of equity as required, provided the transfer leaves at least one legal owner and no more than four. For example, an ex wife may be taken off the title and replaced by the new wife – a 2 -2 transfer of equity.

A gift can constitute a transfer of equity if the person who parts with his interest (or part of his interest) receives no payment.

How can we help?

Our conveyance team save you time and money by completing the transfer of equity process on your behalf. Their work will encompass obtaining official copies relating to the property, completing and submitting any necessary forms (UN2, UN4, CN1 or HR4 forms), drafting any necessary deeds, paying any required disbursements,  and liaising with the Land Registry every step of the way.

Please note: If the transfer involves taking someone off the title, a solicitor can only act for one party (i.e the incoming and remaining owner(s) or the outgoing owners(s).

What do we charge?

Our prices are set at a set fee depending on the scale of the transfer of equity.  There will also be disbursements, such as a copy of the register of title and the Land Registry’s fee for dealing with the application to register the transfer.

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