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Use of Experts Policy

Premier Direct Law understands that we may be required to engage or instruct the services of an outside expert when dealing with a client’s case. For example, if there are language difficulties, an interpreter may need to be instructed.
Premier Direct Law will only employ the services of an expert by using our objective criteria.

Objective Criteria
Premier Direct Law will only hire experts according to our objective criteria, as appropriate:
• Quality of service,
• Reputation and feedback provided by previous users,
• Cost of the service,
• Speed of response and availability,
• Sufficient expertise,
• Quality Mark accreditation,
• Membership of a recognised accreditation body.

Premier Direct Law will not engage the services of a client’s family member, associate or friend as an expert.  This is because:
a) It may raise a potential or actual conflict of interest;
b) The client might be required to disclose matters of a sensitive or personal nature;
c) The matter may require objectivity.

Appointing an Expert
Premier Direct Law has a directory of all experts that have been previously used or selected using our objective criteria.  We will not seek to impose or force a client to use an expert in our directory.
Premier Direct Law will only instruct an expert with the consent and agreement of the client.

The client will always be involved in the selection of a relevant expert. The client will be informed of;
• the reason for instructing an expert,
• the name and relevant details of the expert,
• their status and details of their membership of a recognised accreditation body,
• the likely response time,
• the costs involved.

Instructing an Expert
Any instruction to an expert by Premier Direct Law will be clear, accurate and comprehensive.  The expert will be advised of our confidentiality procedure and of their obligations under this procedure.
Before any work is undertaken, experts will be informed of the importance we place on client care, client well being, and the quality of service we endeavour to provide to clients.

Content of Instructions
Instructions to an expert will be recorded in writing and retained on the client’s case file and the directory of experts.
The instructions will include, but are not limited to:
• The expert’s precise role and responsibilities,
• A summary of the facts of the case,
• Details of the relevant issues,
• Any relevant documents,
• Instructions on what is required of the expert,
• Details of the relevant time-scales including key dates.

Evaluating Experts
The performance of all experts is regularly subject to evaluation by us. This includes, but is not limited to:
• Reports received,
• Performance at client interviews and Tribunal/Court
• Client feedback.

Any adverse findings will be retained in the directory of experts. This will be considered when deciding whether to retain details of the expert on the directory or to instruct them in the future.